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VOXOS: Epic Virtual Choirs is Cinesamples’ virtual choir instrument for professionals, containing a full epic choir, boys choir, soloists, an innovative phrase builder and the industry’s most realistic and powerful true legato engine.

Powered by the industry-leading Kontakt Player engine, VOXOS contains world-renowned choirs and soloists with over 15 years of experience recording for countless Hollywood films, trailers, video games and the concert stage. Recorded at the legendary Bastyr Chapel, with its gorgeous acoustics, the choirs were captured with multiple microphone positions in 24bit/48k 5.1 surround. The result is a pristine tone that sounds great right out of the box. VOXOS contains over 35,000 samples, at an uncompressed size of 35GB. VOXOS ships as digital download and boxed product.

VOXOS is split up into three main sections: Phrase Builder, Legato Sections and Choir Effects.

Phrase Builder
• 30 Syllable Matrix Editor
• Intuitive, performance-oriented scripting
• Staccatos, Sustains, Shouts, Whispers
• Dynamic morphing from p to fff
• 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
• Section contains over 16,000 samples
Legato Sections
• Sopranos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
• Altos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
• Tenors (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
• Basses (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
• Boys Choir (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
• Solo Boy, Soprano and Alto
• Real transition samples for all intervals
• Innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.)
• 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
• Section alone contains 17,000 samples
Choir FX
• Trailer Risers (7 speeds)
• Shouts
• Whispers
• Grunts
• Screams
• Tonal Diatonic Clusters (pp to fff)
• Atonal Clusters (pp to fff)
• 1950′s Sandman Choir (bum bum)
• Contains over 1,700 samples
• 4 Mic positions + Full Mix

Phrase Builder

The Phrase Builder is a powerful way of adding word syllables into a choir performance. VOXOS contains a 30 syllable selector matrix which allows you to quickly assemble multi-syllable phrases onto a grid. Each syllable will intelligently advance to the next syllable, based on your keyboard performance. If it’s a sustain, the Phrase Builder can also connect one syllable over many notes, in a melismatic way.

Legato Sections
The Legato Sections contains true legato performances of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses, Boys Choir, Solo Boy, Solo Soprano and Solo Alto. Cinesamples has methodically recorded the tens of thousands of intervalic leaps within the ranges of each section. Their custom Legato script instantly analyses the keyboard performance and plays the appropriate interval sample. The result is an instrument that allows you to play smooth and emotional legato lines.

Built into Legato Sections is Cinesamples’ innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.). The V.L.E. allows you to play a full keyboard patch of S, A, T, B choir with independently moving legato lines. The engine instantly analyses the chord structure and assigns each pitch to its own section of the choir. The result: a patch that is easy to play, with incredibly realistic results.

Choir Effects
VOXOS contains over 500+ Choir Effects suitable for film, tv and game music. There are hundreds of shouts, whispers, grunts, clusters, screams and trailer risers, perfect for any media project.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of doing a lot of live choir recording on my work the past few years, and nothing has ever come as close to the feel, esthetic and gravitas of the real thing like VOXOS. This library is simply inspired in every way. It became an instant and permanent fixture in my composing palette, replacing all my other choir libraries. Bravo Cinesamples.”

-Trevor Morris
EMMY award winning composer

(Pillars of the Earth, The Tudors, The Hills Have Eyes 2)

Kontakt Player 4 Minimum System Requirements:

Mac OS X® 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM
Windows® XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista® (32/64 Bit), Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM

VOXOS requires 19GB hard drive space. VOXOS uses a new lossless sample compression technology for smaller hard drive footprint and more efficient disk streaming. VOXOS is 35GB uncompressed.

Download the Sibelius Soundsets for VOXOS

VOXOS v1.2 Update

VOXOS: Epic Virtual Choirs
Intuitive Virtual Choir Instrument
Powered by Kontakt Player
No sampling software required (19GB)
Click on play button to start demo.
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