CineMap is a script utility for Kontakt that allows you to re-map and alter MIDI data before it reaches your instruments.

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About CineMap

CineMap is a multiscript utility for Kontakt that allows you to re-route and alter MIDI data before it reaches your instruments. 

CineMap allows you to easily re-map a range of MIDI keys to another register on the MIDI keyboard. 

Say, for example, you have a timpani patch with two chromatic octaves of single hits (C1-C3), but you are trying to perform a timpani roll. To make this easier you can map the range C4-C6 to output as C1-C3. Now if you want to play a roll on C1 you can quickly alternate playing C1 and C4. 

To set this up in CineMap,

  1. Click the + in the lower left hand corner to create a new routing.
  2. Click the top keyboard graphic labeled "Input".
  3. Select your input range by pressing the lowest key in the range followed by the highest, in this example C4 then C6.
  4. Click the bottom keyboard graphic lableld "Output".
  5. Select your output range by clicking the lowest key in the range. In this example C1. The highest note is selected automatically from your input range. 

Other Uses for CineMap:

  • Mapping multiple instruments to the same keyboard range
  • Mapping CC11 (expression) to follow CC1 (modulation) for more exaggerated dynamics
  • Mapping any CC to MIDI notes for easy chromatic glissandi.
  • Creating complex multis with multiple layers and instrument ranges - such as CineStrings CORE in the left hand and CineStrings SOLO in the right
  • Taking advantage of MIDI channels 17-64 in Kontakt
  • Re-mapping Keyswitches
  • Many more uses only limited by your imagination

Installing CineMap

 To install CineMap, simply download and run the installer for your operating system.

You have two options for accessing the script in Kontakt:

1. Drag and Drop CineMap.nkm into Kontakt (select "No" when prompted to merge the script with existing instruments)

2. Select CineMap from the Multiscript dropdown menu. (First click the Multiscript icon in Kontakt, and then select Factory > CineMap > Default from the Preset dropdown)

  • If you wish to hide CineMap while it is active you can simply click the Multiscript button: 

  • To close CineMap select the Factory > --Empty-- Preset from the Preset dropdown menu.