Cinesamples Academic Discount

Cinesamples offers an academic discount of 50% OFF to full time students and faculty of accredited academic institutions.

Cinesamples Academic Discount

What's Required

To become eligible, contact us at  
Include a clear scan, PDF, or photo of documents including:

  • Proof of enrollment
  • Clear dates of enrollment
  • Valid current full time status (we allow a 3-month grace period after graduation). Most academic institutions require a minimum of 12 credits to qualify as full time status.
  • Valid current teaching credentials for instructors.  

Once we verify that your status qualifies you for the discount, we will send you a one-time discount coupon.  This discount will not apply to any current sales.  

Some software companies offer a very steep discount with the trade-off that the library is under a limited license and cannot be used in commercial productions.  Our license is not affected by this discount - you can feel free to use libraries purchased with our educational discount in your commercial projects!