CineSymphony LITE

CineSymphony LITE

—   The Essential Symphonic Orchestra Library

Everything you need to quickly score any scene. CineSymphony LITE symphonic orchestra is a comprehensive orchestral vst sketch tool recorded at the world-famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles and recorded by industry veteran Dennis Sands.

CineSymphony LITE covers the essentials of all orchestral instrument sections and provides students and professional composers with a solid starting foundation in their music scoring palette.

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About the Product

CineSymphony LITE is revolutionary in its simplicity and ability to recreate the sound of the orchestra.  The library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film community during its development.  It was specifically designed to be a composer's sketch or travel kit, but also a learning kit for beginners.  The result is a library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, and sounds professionally mixed right out of the box without being too demanding on hardware.

CineSymphony LITE does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with the Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player.  Explore the latest version of Kontakt HERE.  All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Pro Tools, or Cakewalk, and you’ll be up and running.

While the aim of CineSymphony LITE is to give you a fully playable orchestra in a small set, to truly be able to program samples properly, it is highly recommended that you invest further in the CineSymphony line to get more articulations like harmonics, staccatos, legatos, mutes, trills, etc. The LITE percussion patches provided are just a fraction of what our full line can offer.

    • 01 Strings Ensemble Arco LITE
    • 04 Woodwind Ensemble LITE
    • 02 Strings Ensemble Pizzicato LITE
    • 05 Timpani LITE
    • 03 Brass Ensemble LITE
    • 06 Percussion LITE

Graduation CapAre you a full-time student or teacher? We have a special Educational Discount Program specifically for CineSymphony LITE. Save 50% off the price. Here’s what you need to do:

E-mail our support team with a scan, copy, or picture of proof of enrollment showing a valid date for your full-time student or faculty status (Ex: Transcript, final semester schedule, student or faculty ID with date visible). Upon confirmation, our team will send you a discount code which you can use at purchase and receive the CineSymphony LITE Educational Discount price!

We also offer bulk discounts for universities and educational institutions with multiple workstations. Please e-mail our support team to let us know the name of the University or educational institution you belong to and the number of stations you intend to equip with CineSymphony LITE.  Click here for more details on our Academic discounts. 

As with the rest of our libraries, a percentage of the sale of CineSymphony LITE is shared directly with every musician who performed on this library. Thank you for supporting musicians, and if you are interested in recording with the same musicians at the same stage here in Los Angeles, we can help!

    • Produced By: Michael Barry and Michael Patti
    • Project Coordinator: Sam Estes
    • Scripted By: Patrick O'Neil
    • Engineer / Mixer: Dennis Sands
    • Assistant Engineer: Adam Michalak
    • Sample Editors / Kontakt Programmers: Michael Hobe, Anne Dern, DongRyun Lee
    • Quality Assurance: Anne Dern, DongRyun Lee
    • Recorded at: Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, CA

  • Kontakt Player 5.3.1 or higher
  • Kontakt Player 5.3.1 supports: Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units, RTAS® (PT 9 + 10), AAX® (Pro Tools 11 and higher), ASIO, Core Audio®, WASAPI
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions on both Mac & PC
  • CineSymphony LITE is compatible with all major DAWs and with other music notation software
  • PC: Windows 7®/8® (32-bit/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 3 GB RAM (1GB free required to load ALL patches)
  • Mac: OS X 10.7+ , Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM
  • 3GB of free hard drive space required
  • 7200rpm drive recommended (SSD not required)