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VOXOS Epic Choirs

VOXOS Epic Choirs

—   An epic legato solo and ensemble Choir VST plugin with phrase-builder.

VOXOS is an epic symphonic choir VST plugin featuring solo and ensemble legato voices with a one-of-a-kind phrase builder. This top choir sample library featuring a full choir, boys choirs, and soloists, will quickly become your favorite choir VST plugin for Kontakt.

Our adaptive true legato creates fluid voices giving your composition a full sound. In scoring projects for games, film, or TV, this choir sample library becomes a staple giving your composition that added hyper-realism. From an adult choir to a children choir this sample library is a must for any composer and remains one of the best choir sample libraries available!

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About the Product

Voxos Epic Choirs Legato

Powered by the industry-leading Kontakt Player engine, VOXOS contains world-renowned choirs and soloists with over 15 years of experience recording for countless Hollywood films, trailers, video games and the concert stage. Recorded at the legendary Bastyr Chapel, with its gorgeous acoustics, the choirs were captured with multiple microphone positions in 24bit/48k 5.1 surround. The result is a pristine tone that sounds great right out of the box. VOXOS contains over 35,000 samples, at an uncompressed size of 35GB. 

Featuring a newly recorded and mixed sample set, along with additional script improvements and features, the new and improved VOXOS 2 is such a substantial update we consider it a reboot of the library. Besides the multitude of patch and script fixes that enhance playability, VOXOS 2 now offers the ability to quantize your Phrase Builder performance, and adds another dynamic layer on top of it (FFF!). We’ve also introduced three brand new patches to the library- Chords, Octaves, and a fresh Solo Soprano.

    • 30 Syllable Matrix Editor
    • Intuitive, performance-oriented scripting
    • Staccatos, Sustains, Shouts, Whispers
    • Dynamic morphing from p to fff
    • 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
    • Section contains over 16,000 samples

    The Phrase Builder is a powerful way of adding word syllables into a choir performance. VOXOS contains a 30 syllable selector matrix which allows you to quickly assemble multi-syllable phrases onto a grid. Each syllable will intelligently advance to the next syllable, based on your keyboard performance. If it’s a sustain, the Phrase Builder can also connect one syllable over many notes, in a melismatic way.

    • Sopranos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
    • Altos (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
    • Tenors (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
    • Basses (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
    • Boys Choir (Ah, Oo, p to ff)
    • Solo Boy, Soprano and Alto
    • Real transition samples for all intervals
    • Innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.)
    • 4 Mic positions + Full Mix
    • Section alone contains 17,000 samples

    The Legato Sections contains true legato performances of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses, Boys Choir, Solo Boy, Solo Soprano and Solo Alto. Cinesamples has methodically recorded the tens of thousands of intervalic leaps within the ranges of each section. Their custom Legato script instantly analyses the keyboard performance and plays the appropriate interval sample. The result is an instrument that allows you to play smooth and emotional legato lines.

    Built into Legato Sections is Cinesamples’ innovative Voice Leading Engine (V.L.E.). The V.L.E. allows you to play a full keyboard patch of S, A, T, B choir with independently moving legato lines. The engine instantly analyses the chord structure and assigns each pitch to its own section of the choir. The result: a patch that is easy to play, with incredibly realistic results.

    • Trailer Risers (7 speeds)
    • Shouts
    • Whispers
    • Grunts
    • Screams
    • Tonal Diatonic Clusters (pp to fff)
    • Atonal Clusters (pp to fff)
    • 1950′s Sandman Choir (bum bum)
    • Contains over 1,700 samples
    • 4 Mic positions + Full Mix

    VOXOS contains over 500+ Choir Effects suitable for film, tv and game music. There are hundreds of shouts, whispers, grunts, clusters, screams and trailer risers, perfect for any media project.

  • Chords

    The Chords patch is modeled after our popular CineOrch library, where each note plays  an entire chord instead of an individual pitch class.  The library divides the keyboard into six main sections:

    The three sections on the left correspond to the major chords, while the three right sections will trigger the minor chords.  The blue keys play the chords in their root position, the yellow keys play the chords in first inversion, and the red keys play the second inversion of the chords.


    The Octaves patch is not unlike the patch from our Hollywoodwinds library, where we recorded all sections performing in octaves simultaneously.  This patch covers two full octaves of all sections singing the same triggered pitch class.  

    By default, the samples will react to CC1 and CC2, with the former controlling the dynamics, and the latter changing the vowels between Ooh and Ah.  This, like the other patches, can be changed from the [Settings] tab.

  • The New Solo Soprano Patch

    We have recorded an all new solo soprano for the VOXOS 2 update.  Unlike the VOXOS v1.2 Solo Soprano, we have included multiple new features for this patch.

    We recorded both the sustains and the shorts for the Solo Soprano New patch.  Also, the sustains now respond to CC2 which allows you to move between vibrato and non-vibrato layers.  We have also included the Poly Legato function in case you wish to use this patch for multiple voices.  Like in the Legato Sections patch, we included the [VLE Settings] button in case you wish to tweak the Voice Leading Engine parameters for multiple voice lines.

    Solo Soprano Legacy, Solo Boy Legacy, Women Bum Bums

    The last three patches of VOXOS 2 come from the old VOXOS 1.2 library.  The three patches are the Solo Soprano Legacy patch, the Solo Boy Legacy patch, and the Women Bum Bums patch.  

    These three patches function the same way as the previous version of this library, but the sample set has been re-tuned, re-mixed, and de-noised.

  • Recorded in Seattle:

    Seattle has long since become the  recording center of the A-list video game/trailer soundtrack world.  As it happens, the VOXOS sessions were recorded following Bungee’s Halo Reach sessions and proceeding  Blizzard’s monumental World of Warcraft; Cataclysm.  The musicians involved in this project are constantly participating in such high profile acts as these. In fact, some of our men sang on the famous Gregorian-style intro to the original Halo videogame for XBOX.  Bastyr’s main stage chapel offers one of  the highest quality recording venues in the country.  Its unique acoustic signature is akin to Symphony Hall in Boston and the retired Paramount Scoring Stage in Los Angeles. An extremely flattering hall for vocalists and instrumentalists – contributing to the familiar Hollywood style reverb bed without the tasteless metallic tinge and never ending ring- out that the majority of cathedral’s give.  Combine that with the highest end recording gear available and the table is set for excellence.

    Children’s Choir/Boy Soloist:

    To really get an accurate representation of Los Angeles style soundtrack choirs, we had to include a boys children’s choir and soloist. The 15-piece boys choir covers roughly the range of the Altos transposed up by a major third.  Our solo boy was captured from C3 to A4. With an amazingly transforming tambre – the purest sound imaginable in his soprano and a charming inward sound in his lowest third. These children possessed amazingly mature musical discipline, excepting guidance from the booth and their choir master in the same professional manner as the other sections.  This was quite an achievement considering that they were all under 12 years of age.

    We were amazingly fortunate to have children who have sang on a wide variety of soundtracks themselves, they needed no explanation about wearing headphones or being still while the tape is running.  They were true professionals of the scoring stage.

    Hand Sculpted Scripted (true) Legato:

    As one of our trusted colleagues once stated: “There are no shortcuts when it comes to legato.” Our true sectional legato covers the full ranges of the Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses, Boys and Soloists. After much trial and error, we were able to formulate a recipe for recording legatos in the most musical and accurate manner possible. It may not be evident while playing the patches how many samples you are triggering back and forth but it is mind blowing when you stop and look at the audio files involved in one patch, at one microphone position. On the surface things seem simple, but much is going on under-the-hood.

    During programming all 35,000 samples and transitions are meticulously tightened by hand. This process takes fresh ears and cannot be rushed or automated. The charming human inaccuracies which give live performances vibe and soul also cause issues when aligning samples during programming.  We have, without exaggeration, been tweaking the legatos for over six months – still making final tweaks the moments before delivering to Native Instruments for encoding. It needs to be perfect or its not going out the shop door.

    The Voice Leading Legato Engine – Live SATB representations from one midi track

    They call it voice leading for a reason. From day one, composers of all styles are taught the value and importance of proper voicings.  It all begins with SATB, the notable 4 part chorale diagrams in music textbooks all over the world.  It is the basis of all chorale writing, the foundation of jazz ensemble writing – the glue of all composing.  It was something we had to address, and address from the point of view of a composer under the anxiety of an approaching deadline.

    The included SATB Voice Leading Engine can take incoming midi data sent from a piano track and assign the proper notes to each section automatically.  Resulting in properly voiced chords with full legato from one track.  No settings, its all intelligently scripted and prepared.  This is a monumental time saver.

  • Phrase Builder – Intuitive Simplicity – A Defined Approach From Day One

    Way back, months before a note was recorded, the entire final product was thought out, sketched and tested. We knew what we wanted as an end result and we backed up from there – we didn’t just roll the dice on the recording sessions and see what we ended up with. We knew we wanted to stay in Kontakt. We knew we wanted to avoid artificial word synthesis – aka Apple Talk or the Steven Hawkings effect.  We knew we wanted to have the simplest, most powerful phrase building interface possible.  We knew we wanted to enter all word data only once with just a few clicks with no external programs running.  We knew we wanted the engine to keep track of the words no matter the articulation – long or short.  We knew we wanted it to use the absolute minimum of MIDI CC controllers possible and be processor-friendly to our computer.  We knew all of this plus more. It was just a question of finding the right way to make it happen.

    Through process of elimination, we were able to create a truly monstrous phrase building engine.  Streamlined for simplicity and accuracy.  Created for the guys and gals who don’t read instruction books or have time to learn the intricacies of a poorly produced/overly complex library. Watch our “Phrase Builder” video for all you need to know about our industry-first Matrix Phrase Builder.

    Fully Scripted Dynamic Control

    We tried every single method of dynamic and vowel morphing available via Kontakt including the AET simulation.  After double blind listening tests with some of our most trusted audio gurus the decision was unanimous.  This method doesn’t use simple envelopes for simulated fading but rather uses powerful scripting to  guarantee a 100% accurate and smooth dynamic morph.  Just another time consuming detail that we had to have perfect.

    Useable Cinematic Effects

    As composers, we own tons of soundtrack recordings and we keep up to date with new trends in the soundtrack world.  We wanted FX that would integrate and cooperate with other tracks in your template, not dated, crazy, unusable stuff that is only good for that rarely requested track.  Aside from our assortment of grunts, shouts, whispers, layers and risers we also went in a tonal direction – recording beautifully layered divisi clusters and female “bum-bums”.

    5.1 Ready – Full Mix Option – 4 Mic Positions

    VOXOS was recorded in cinematic 5.1 in 4 microphone positions. To save polyphony, take advantage of the pre-mixed Full Mix position, a standard mixture of the spot, tree and ambient mics bounced down to one track.  If you prefer to make your own mix you have unprecedented control over 4 microphone positions including the surrounds, which can be placed in the rear speakers on a 5.1 setup. This is in answer to a request for our top tier of users which we are happy to provide.

    • 01: Phrase Builder
    • 02: Legato Sections
    • 03: Boys Choir
    • 04: Clusters and Textures
    • 05: Rises, Stabs, and Screams
    • 06: Chords
    • 07: Octaves
    • 08: Solo Soprano New
    • 09: Solo Soprano Legacy
    • 10: Solo Boy Legacy
    • 11: Women Bum Bums

VOXOS is scripted for Native Instruments' Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) format.  You can learn more about NKS here.   Explore the latest version of Kontakt here

  • Produced by :  Michael Barry and Michael Patti
  • Update Coordinator / Manager : Samuel Estes
  • Scripted by : Greg Schlaepfer, Kyle Kramer, Patrick O’Neil
  • Engineer / Mixer : Samuel Estes
  • Sample Editors / Kontakt Programmer : Samuel Estes
  • Quality Assurance : Patrick O’Neil, DongRyun Lee
  • Recorded at : Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, WA
  • Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher
  • Kontakt Player 5.6.8 supports: Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units, RTAS® AAX® (Pro Tools 11 and higher), ASIO, Core Audio®, WASAPI
  • NKS Integrated
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions on both Mac & PC
  • Voxos 2.0 is compatible with all major DAWs and with other music notation software
  • PC: Windows 7®/8® (32-bit/64-bit), i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz or AMD FX93xx 8- Core, 24 GB RAM
  • Mac: OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)+, Intel® i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz (or 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core) 24+ GB RAM
  • 29GB of free hard drive space required.  58GB required during installation. 
  • 7200rpm drive works well (SSD preferred)