Our Composer-friendly libraries.
  • Deep Percussion Beds 2 Deep Percussion Beds 2

    Our second epic percussion loops library

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  • Deep Perc Beds Deep Perc Beds

    Epic and emotional percussion beds and action loops

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  • CineOrch CineOrch

    Full orchestral ensemble of playable chords and inversions.

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  • CineBells CineBells

    A focused collection of intimately-recorded, pitched happiness

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  • CineHarp CineHarp

    Orchestral Harp Glissandi and Pluck library

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  • Piano in Blue Piano in Blue

    Columbia Records' historic Steinway D Concert Grand piano

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  • Iron Guitars Iron Guitars

    Multi-sampled electric guitar powerchord library

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  • Session Drummer Session Drummer

    Instruments and loops of jazz drum kits in various styles

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  • Metallurgy Metallurgy

    Sound design and metallic sound effects

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  • VOXOS Epic Choirs VOXOS Epic Choirs

    Epic Legato Choir and Phrase Builder

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  • Drums of War Drums of War

    Volume 1 of our epic, cinematic drums.

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  • Drums of War 2 Drums of War 2

    Fully produced close and tight unique drums

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  • Hollywoodwinds Hollywoodwinds

    Orchestral Woodwind ensemble runs, phrases, and FX

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  • CineLegacy Percussion CineLegacy Percussion

    CineToms2, CineSnares, CineCrash

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