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  • CineSine LITE CineSine LITE

    Cinesamples' Tone Fattener

  • CineAprilFools CineAprilFools

    April Fools! This library is an assortment of random items we sampled around the office, along with a few magical surprises! Have fun!

  • Jerry's Pianos Jerry's Pianos

    Dual Steinway Grand Pianos Recorded Simultaneously at Sony studios.

  • Bowed Psaltery Bowed Psaltery

    De-tuned Bowed Psaltery

  • CineMap CineMap

    Cinesamples' FREE multi-script utility.

  • Jam Bucket Jam Bucket

    Jam Bucket

  • Snaps & Claps Snaps & Claps

    Snaps & Claps

  • Triangles Triangles

    Triangles collection.

  • Modal Drum Modal Drum

    Modal Drum

  • Sony Room Tone Sony Room Tone

    The atmosphere at the MGM Scoring Stage